A ball?

Foul moods are contagious aren't they? I don't know who started it, but there are a few SERIOUSLY FOUL moods in this house lately. It's like when you moved into your first dorm room and prayed your roommate(s) wouldn't be too difficult to get along with...I am living with my nightmare roommates and there are 4 of them, and they are family (Josephine doesn't count, she's still reasonably pleasant) I can't get away from them!
This summer has been the summer of bubbles. Josephine can almost say bubbles, it sounds more like bubbas, and she has asked to go outside and blow bubbas almost every day for the last two months. We've also learned how to blow bubbles in water as well, we've had fun learning how to
My sister made me go to a AAA baseball game with her last weekend; she knows a player on the visiting team from high school or whatever. I didn't expect Josephine to last through a whole game that didn't start until 7pm, but she LOVED IT. She had her own seat and for most of the game she watched more intently than any TV show she's ever seen. She clapped and cheered with the crowd, participated in the wave, and when the players ran off the field at the end of the innings she would look up at me and say "more? more?" then she would motion throwing while saying "a ball?".
She loves throwing things, which sucks when the thing is something breakable or hard and she is aiming at your face. She has good aim. When we go visit our friends who have two very energetic dogs she has the best time throwing their toys down the yard for them. Days and days after visiting them she will ask me "a ball?", complete with hand motions, every time we get in the car.
The other day there was a football game on TV. It was the most important football game in the world (because to my father, every Auburn football game is the most important football game in the world) and Josephine woke up from her nap about 20 min into it and preceded to watch the hell out of that game.
Some of the people who called to wish me a happy birthday asked me what Josephine had gotten me. I said she had gotten me some poopy diapers? She didn't spit her food on the floor? (she actually probably did, I don't remember, it happens about once a day, she's gross) BUT! She did give me something great later that night. She was dancing around and being silly for her audience and then she bent over and did a perfect somersault. She cannot do one when my camera is on though, sorry.