half a thought

Josephine's birthday is tomorrow.
So I'll be working on the long mushy post in the next few days, with pictures!
until then......
I cooked a lot of my Christmas gifts this year, I haven't done that before. I made meatballs and tomato sauce, candied nuts, truffles, and herbed oils and vinegars. Everything turned out really well. Mostly. Sorry to those of you that got the nuts because I had never done that before and I tried several different recipes and last night I finally found the perfect one...so you got the "good enough" version and my family here got the "oh my freaking goodness" version.
Two nights ago I decided to make some of the recipes from the Hanukkah section of the website I use and it was absolutely the best dinner I've ever had. Kugle, matzo ball soup, latkes...mmmmm. Have you ever had kugle? I was skeptical but I ended up hogging all the left-overs. Except I did share with Josephine, she insisted on eating it with chopsticks, I wish I had a picture. I'll be making matzo ball soup again tomorrow night since Jose like it so much (and so did the rest of us).
I have a hair person now. I've gone back to the same girl 4 times now and have my next appointment already scheduled. This is kind of a big deal for me, I've been to a million other stylist in town and hated every one of them. Well, no, not hated, but I've never cared enough to schedule my next cut right away. I feel fancy. Also, I have super short hair now.
Going to see Avatar in about half an hour. In 3D. I've never sat through a whole 3D movie as far as I can remember. I saw a 3D nature film at a museum last year but it was kinda boring so I didn't have my glasses on the whole time. And I think I took some kids I babysat for to a 3D under the sea movie but they weren't the best behaved kids and half the movie was spent telling them to sit down and shut it.
I know I sat down because I had a story for you but now I'm drawing a blank- oh well.