Life List

1.       Travel to Greece
2.       Play a song on the violin
3.       Swim with bioluminescent plankton
4.       Publish an article in a magazine
5.       Run a half marathon
6.       Foster a child
7.       Walk on the great wall of china
8.       Blow glass
9.       Tour white house
10.   Ride in a hot air balloon
11.   Watch a taping of SNL
12.   Raise chickens
13.   Grow enough food for a whole meal
14.   Rafting camping trip
15.   Zip line in Costa Rica
16.   SCUBA
17.   African safari
18.   Ride camels in the desert
19.   Decorate my own place just how I want
20.   Ride in a helicopter
21.   Learn how to taste wine
22.   Attempt or assist in a home birth
23.   Sell something hand made
24.   Do 100 pushups without stopping
25.   Be an extra in a movie
26.   See a show on Broadway
27.   Take Josephine to her first movie in the theatre
28.   Do the splits
29.   Have a pet pig
30.   Go to the airport, pick a city, and buy a ticket
31.   Break a board with my hand
32.   Graduate from college
33.   Compost
34.   Go camping with just Josephine and myself
35.   Take trapeze lessons
36.   Send someone else on a vacation
37.   Take kick-boxing lessons
38.   Make my own (delicious) sushi
39.   Learn to bake from scratch without a recipe
40.   Eat from at least a dozen food trucks
41.   Write a food guide for a city
42.   Hand-make an entire outfit
43.   See northern lights in Alaska
44.   Walk across the Brooklyn bridge
45.   Take Josephine on her first carousel ride

46. Enter a photo in a photo contest