i have some dessert and update my shit-list

Lots to catch up on eh? Let's get this going.

Remember the Superbowl? Way back then...well, I have no comment on the game.  We had it on and my dad watched it but the rest of us just went on with our day like any other sunday.  Just before the game started we were all in the kitchen when someone walked in the front door.  Usually when someone lets themselves in it's my brother visiting or maybe my sister parked in the driveway instead of the garage.  Out of habit someone yelled "YAY" when we heard the door open but when the guest walked around the corner we saw it was an old man.  An old man that we've never seen before.  But he had wine so we welcomed him.  It tookabout 5 seconds for him to notice he was in the wrong house.  Oops. It's ok though, we had plenty of beer in the fridge.

I made the most delicious cupcakes a long while ago.  S'more cupcakes.  I ate most of them myself, like two or three a day.  I couldn't help it! They were easy too, here is the recipe I used: KAPOW!  Just spend 5 minutes on that blog's archives and then go find your apron.  You will be a hero.
The weather is warming up but every once in a while we still have a cool day and a morning of new snow to remind us that we live in the Rockies.  One morning about a week or so ago we had one of those cooler snow-dusting days.  Late morning Josephine stripped out of her pajamas and diaper and was being a typical toddler, relishing the freedom of being naked in her own house.  She loves that she knows how to open the back sliding-glass door to let the dog and cat in and out.  Such a good helper. 
Now, a few years ago this house had a semi-private back yard.  But in the last two years where there used to be trees there are now houses.  Houses so close that when the trees in our yard are bare (as they are now) you can see everything that goes on in the other houses if the blinds are up.  We can hear everything that goes on when they are in thier back yard because it is no different than if they were in our yard. 
This is going somewhere, I promise.
One of these newly super-close neighbors hadn't been home all winter, or so I thought.  I hadn't seen or heard anything from that house since last summer when we heard them moving in, with two little kids running around.  We never got the chance to meet them.
So back to naked Josephine.  After stripping down she opens the back door to let the cat out.  I call to her to hurry up and close the door since it's so cold out.  She is two.  She steps out onto the porch and shakes her butt.  I grabbed my camera and get a 20 sec video of her assuring me it isn't cold out and then jumping back into the house because her toes are cold.   There was no snow on the porch.  She never took more than one step away from the house. The door never closed behind her.  I'd show you the video to prove that she wasn't out there more than 30 seconds tops but, she's naked and this is the internet...so, no.  I tell you all this because about 4 hours later the cops stop by to let me know a concerned neighbor called to report a naked baby in the back yard.  He tells me it was the mystery neighbor house that I thought was empty.
So many things wrong with this.
Why didn't they come over themselves if they thought Joey had let herself out without my knowing?
They must have told the police that she was safely back in the house or else it wouldn't have taken 4 hours for them to come check-up on me. 
I still haven't see any movement from that house, I guess I can't be 100% certain that the cop pointed to the right house.  Or maybe they just don't like playing outside.
I am mostly calmed down from that day now, but I was quite upset for the rest of the day and the next day even. 
I know that I'm a good mom.  I don't doubt that.  I HATE that I am no longer comfortable playing with Josephine in our own backyard. 

Playing with the panorama function on my camera.

Josephine, as I mentioned before, askes to watch a movie when she wakes up.  I usually allow it if we have nothing going on, I get about a half hour of uninterupted time to plan, do homework, clean, or whatever before she's bored with it.  Usually she wants Robots, Tinkerbell, or Cars, but I got her to start asking for Cry Baby on some mornings.  Small victories.
I'm sending Josephine to Disney on Ice this week.  With her aunt and her nana, not her mama...I am missing 'baby's first ice show' but I am getting a evening to myself.  Fair trade.

She's got a honey+olive oil hair treatment in. 

She knows how to relax