now she loves pointing out the airplanes

Ever feel like your brain has thrown it's hands up in the air with a big sigh and said "No more!"? Can you imagine what my body has been doing if my brain is that melodramatic?
There has been some spontaneous collapses on the couch, and possibly the floor, and I spent one whole afternoon just planning out my outfits for the week we'll be in Alabama.
The school semester is ending, I have a final exam today. The material isn't difficult, but finding time to read it is. Last week Josephine had suddenly developed a fear of loud noises, cars/lawn mowers/jets, and would koala-cling to me every few minutes. We live close to an air force base and jets fly over ALL THE TIME*. She is better now. I don't know what that was all about.
*It's not that bad, they change their coarse every few weeks so it isn't every day, except for last week...
Do you spring clean? I'm not so much a seasonal cleaner, I'm more of a holiday and vacation cleaner. I cleaned the crap out of our rooms right before Christmas and Jose's birthday, and now I am sorting/purging/re-organizing like mad because I can't stop thinking about our upcoming trip. I have to take inventory of Josephine's summer clothes twice a day, you know, to keep the earth from screeching to a halt. If I don't always know where her favorite books and toys are then I might forget to pack one and certainly fire will rain from the sky and destroy us all.
So I'm doing this for the good of humanity you understand?


volume: turn it up

in an email from a friend I was asked to put up more videos of this monster, specifically ones of her talking.

Look at me being so compliant!

What now?

where's josephine?

where's josephine?
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If you have to ask, you don't want to know.
I had five blissful minutes of quiet and OF COURSE it was because she was getting into trouble...DUH

digging story #2:
Easter was great, a sunny oasis in a week of rain and snow. We hunted eggs (for grandma's sake) and she played along quite well considering her age. The weather was glorious enough that I went shopping for seeds and sprouts to start my herb garden. I had started some seeds in the house a few days earlier...and right before I could transplant them to the yard I turned to see Josephine scooping the contents of one planter into another. So will we get basil? parsley? a freaky delicious hybrid?


a rose by any other name blah blah blah

Today is Name Yourself Day
What would you change your name to if you could, for just a day?
I always liked my name, but that didn't stop me from re-naming myself when my friends and I would play school or house or whatever the hell when we were in grade school.
Names I remember using:

Kelly- at the time I knew more males than females named Kelly but I knew it could be a girl name too...
Mikayla- I have a cousin with this name so I knew it was a real name (I was obsessed with what could be a real name and what was "made up"...I never would've believed someone would name their baby Banjo or Apple). None of my friends had heard the name before so it made me a little special.
Madeline- from the story books and cartoons. you know, that french girl with the nun.
My last name was always Strawberry- I had heard of Darryl Strawberry and I knew he was a good baseball player. That was it, I didn't follow baseball or know anything about him otherwise, I just liked his name.

Today I am Chantilly Sarsaparilla McGillacutty (that is the correct spelling of "sasparilla", who knew?)

So, today you can pick a new name. Make a name tag. Confuse someone.