yesterday was fun

Our little local airport is mostly used for private leer jets and skydiving clubs but there are two restaurants there that are worth driving out to the middle of nowhere. After perusing the farmer's market we we out to breakfast at a deli there at the airport and it was fabulous. We all agreed that they made the perfect hash browns.
Later we drove up into the mountains to a friends house for a potluck/picnic. One of the other guests was a photographer that had eyes for Josephine (she is pretty gorgeous). He was taking candid shots throughout the party and later pulled me aside and took some fantastic mother-daughter portrait shots. I was sweaty and my hair was goofy but they still turned out pretty great- I'll share them when I get my copies.
Finally we drove a little way up to the ski resort that was close by to listen to Juice Newton. The music was wonderful and fun but even better was the fact that we were sitting on a steep kill and Josephine isn't too good at stopping herself when she starts walking down it. She had a blast diving and tumbling and bouncing around from me to my parents to my sister to the ground and back again. There was a freakishly fantastic sunset behind us at the concert and everyone around us was laughing and dancing and trying to keep their little kids from falling down the mountain.
I realized that I have never been away from home with Josephine for that long without it being an actual over-night trip. When we travel over-night I pack disposable diapers so that no one in the car/hotel has to deal with me saving her stinky cloth diapers in a bag for hours or days. The longest trips I've taken with Josephine and only used cloth diapers are shopping trips that require maybe one diaper change and it's usually only me in the car anyhow. Yesterday I found myself praying that she had finished her pooping that morning so that I would only have to store her wet diapers in the car. She's been eating a little more fruit than usual lately, grapes and blueberries mostly, so her stink is pretty impressive...you know, in case you were wondering...
Speaking of Juice and fruit, sort of, we have a Jack Lalanne Juicer now. My grandmother says she went through a period where she couldn't help herself from buying a few things from infomercials and ended up with this juicer sitting on her counter. She never used it so I asked her to send it to us. It's kind of a hassle as you'd expect. Cleaning it takes more time than making the juice and most of the time eating the fruit is more satisfying than drinking the little bit of juice that comes out of it. Still, it's fun if you get bored and want to pretend to be a health nut for an hour and I like that I can "juice" a chunk of ginger.


a look into the past

Thanks for all the comments on my hair, I obviously had nothing else on my mind all week seeing as how I've left those pictures up at the top of the page for so long...

So you remember how back in May I flew to Alabama? Then I disappeared for two months? Well I think it's about time we talk about it a bit, get it out in the open you know?

It wasn't a vacation because a vacation implies relaxation and Josephine would NOT let me relax. She wouldn't let me do anything.

Mama: Let me put you down for a second so I can open your juice.

Josephine: AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH The floor is lava. Don't abandon me, I thought you loved me!

Mama: Yeah! It's bath time, we get to splash in bubbles!

Jose: (who usually loves baths) AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH No No No, This is not OK, NOT OK!

Mama: Hey we get to go see Sarah, let's all get buckled up for a minute.

Jose: AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH gag sputter, Why are you doing this to me? This is not my car seat, I don't trust this contraption! Get Me Out Of Here Now!

Mama: Oh look it's your aunt/uncle/cousin, can you wave Hi? I won't put you down I promise, just look at them for a second.

Jose: Must. Resist. Eye. Contact. Ignore. All. Attempts. To. Hug. If I don't move, they will leave.

Mama: Let's get a snack from our house! Just right in here, in the kitchen, where we've been all week.


Mama: Time to get back on the airplane!



So I had a little freaky Koala attached to my hip the whole trip, but it was still nice to see everyone and get a little sun.

Bo Jackson was the commencement speaker.

I was the only one affected by the chiggers? mosquitoes? I never saw what bit me but my legs, feet and hands were covered in itchy red bites and I was the only one.

The house we stayed in was very nice and right next to my Aunt and Uncle's house. We could wake up and walk out the back door 100yds and hop on a jet ski or kayak or lounge on the dock.

There were a lot of cockroaches.

Unfortunately the house we stayed in was undergoing a little remodeling so it was difficult to find a room that had both a mirror and working lights. The bathroom I used had neither. I did my make-up and hair at the kitchen table where the windows allowed enough light to use my little compact mirror. You know what happens when you don't get a good look at yourself for over a week? You get home and look in your own bathroom mirror and see that your eyebrows have gone crazy and how did that happen in one week What The Hell?

So, I cleaned myself up when I got home, then got to work. I was a week behind in my summer classes already and one of them was only 7 weeks long. A condensed class isn't any less work, it's the same amount of work with deadlines and due dates that come up much faster than in a regular semester. That's where I was in June, typing and reading and typing and reading and trying to keep up with my other classes as well and trying to entertain Josephine. I have helpers that will watch the baby when I ask, but I have to ask every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and none of them can figure out how to change a diaper...and only remember to feed her 50% of the time.

So now I have a bit more of a relaxing summer ahead. My newly graduated sister is living here now which makes the house a little crowded. I got the dress that I'm wearing in my friends wedding...so I'm feeling guilty about every bite of ice cream and handful of potato chips I eat...though I haven't stopped eating them...


turns out my naked forehead was holding me back

Pretty good for a home job, eh? I've paid for enough crappy haircuts that I felt confident I could give myself one. It's not any worse than some of the ones i've gotten at the mall... Sometimes I feel like Trixie from Speed Racer.


Vegas Vacation

what could be more exciting than a spur-of-the-moment trip to Las Vegas? How about when that trip is with your parents and your 1.5 year old daughter? WOO HOO!
When we arrived in town it was 117 degrees.

So as we were checking in to our room at Treasure Island and we have a great view of the whole strip- perfect for watching the fireworks in air-conditioning- the lady behind the desk informs us that Las Vegas is "tightening its belt" and not doing the fireworks show it usually does. Oh.
At dinner we hear that maybe one or two hotels will be doing their own show, but not any of the ones on the strip...bummer.
When the sun went down we all looked out the window and watched some small private fireworks go off around the city, not exactly what we came for. Tiny poofs in the distance, not worth sitting by the window for. What's on TV?
While everyone else was gambling, Josephine and I got ready for bed. I was washing my face when I heard the BOOM BOOM POP BOOM...I grabbed the baby and ran to the window. With soap still on my face and a nervous baby on my lap I got to watch a decent fireworks show after all.
Josephine was a trooper- poor girl had to sit in the car for hours and then be carried around the hot city and all she wanted to do was run and play. We jumped on the bed.

Sunday morning we got to the pool as soon as it opened at 8am to beat the crowds. I figured most would be sleeping in and too hungover to make it to the pool that early, I was right. I did see one couple though, with drinks in their hands, staggering and yelling through the casino at that early hour, dressed-up, obviously hadn't been to bed yet.
Overall we all had a good time.
This morning Josephine slept in until 10:30


she bangs, she bangs

Did you ever try giving yourself a haircut as a kid? I don't remember ever doing it myself, I think it was because I always wanted long hair would even cry my eyes out over a trim. I saw a lady on Sesame Street that had hair down to her knees and that's what I wanted.
I know lots of people though that have tried giving themselves bangs only to end up lopping off too much.
Last night I was searching for ways to style my hair when I made the decision that maybe I could do with some bangs...so I cut my hair and...it looks great! I did good guys! I'll take a picture later, I think it makes my face look thinner even...
Later last night we were all talking about where we should go to watch the fireworks tonight when we decided that Las Vegas would be a good place. So we're off to Vegas with good hair.


Marvelous Girl

Here's a little update on Josephine: She's become a cross between the Hulk and Wolverine...

Lately she's been getting upset when someone has the nerve to walk into the kitchen in the middle of playing with her. I guess she's afraid that we've gotten bored with her? Or we're going to make her eat something? She hates eating, by the way, it's such a waste of time. Anyway, here's an example of the Hulk: she had found an old comb somewhere, (grandma never throws anything away) the kind of comb you get on picture day in elementary school. A little red comb, she was playing with it all day and then her playmate Martha got up to put a glass in the sink. Hulk Mad! She made one annoying "uggghhh" and the comb was in 4 pieces. This scene has since played out with popsicle sticks in place of the comb as well... yikes!

So, she doesn't like to stop what she is doing to eat, but she'll happily pop a few grapes or strawberries in her mouth while we have a tea party. (yeah yeah, choke-ables...) So, she has never choked or even gagged on anything as far as I know in her 1.5 years but she is determined to change that I guess. Scene: she is sitting on the counter while I hull strawberries and give her the occasional slice to eat. She sees me dipping my berries in sugar and she mimics me nicely. She puts a strawberry in the sugar and takes a bite, repeat. Oh what a big girl. Then she picks up the biggest strawberry in the package, dips it, and puts the whole thing in her mouth. When I reach towards her face to yank it out (she can't even close her lips) she turns into Wolverine. Claws slash at my hands and face at lightening speed and by the time I realize what has happened she has chewed the berry and swallowed most of it with only a tiny bit of juice on her chin. This has happened similarly with putting more than one grape in her mouth or suddenly putting the last five pieces of cheese in her cheeks. She cannot be trusted.