but she still finds things to put in her mouth

What's that? You say you are impressed with the cleanliness of my floors? Every floor, I know! The carpets, the hard wood, the tile, it's all so clean. Well, thank you, would you like to know my secret? Sometimes the only thing that will get Josephine to shut up already is to get out the vacuum, swiffer, or carpet cleaner and have at it. So even though this hardly used room could easily go a few days with out a vacuum, every last little speck of fuzz is sucked up while the baby chases me around and charges the hoover in her own freaky game of chicken.
I read a lot of blogs. Every once in a while I read an entry that bothers me or is annoying and I feel compelled to respond to it here, as if all of you who read this have been reading the same websites. But that's not a good idea, really. So if I can't find something else to write about, if that entry is stuck in my head, I have to step back from the computer a few days. That's where I've been. Hiding. And yet, I still can't help but make a comment anyway. (what is wrong with me) I've read in a few places about people who made sure their kids didn't watch the presidential inauguration at school. When these kids grow up their memory of this historic day, this day that the first black president was inaugurated, was that they had to sit in a separate room from their classmates because their parents didn't vote for him. Boo! Yeah I said it, Boo! It just irked me a bit. I think January 20, 2009 should be a day that you always remember where you were, regardless of whether or not you considered it a good or bad day. (It was a good day for me!) If you felt 1/20/2009 wasn't any more special a day than any other, oh well. Oh well oh well oh well, but keeping your kids from it? ah, why can't I shut up about this already? Why can't everyone think the way I tell them to think?
Friday I went to tour a LDS Temple. If you know anything about the Mormon religion then you know how important the temples are to the LDS church. Not just anyone can go in once it's been dedicated. But! after one is built the church opens it up to the public for a short time, which is what is going on now about an hour south of us. If you know me well enough you know that I am always up for learning more about your religion so I was pretty pumped to be able to do this. I could go on and on about the things I disagree with in the Mormon religion, but there are many things that are wonderful as well and I don't want to turn this post into an argument for or against any faith. I will say this though, the temple smelled slightly like a hospital, and maybe it was just me, but a little like formaldehyde. It was at the same time, plainer and fancier than I expected. ( I know, What?!) Just trust me.
Tonight I'm going to watch Ed Asner in a reenactment of the Scopes Monkey trial. I guess I'll have to fill you in on that later though.
Back in November I applied to a local college. December, after I had allowed plenty of time for my trascripts to be mailed I tried contacting the admission office to ask what the hold up could be. After a million (seriously one million) attempts to contact them I finally found out that they needed one more piece of paper that they were waiting for even though they never asked me to send it! Fast forward to last week, I am finally officially admitted even though the semester started three weeks ago. I find one professor who is willing to let me join her class late, I get up at the ass crack of dawn to meet with her, succeed at buying my text book after 2 tries, and get to reading. It's an online class and when I tried to log on Sunday to start my massive catch-up of assignments I was greeted with a message saying it's all down for maitenence for 5 days! So there, when I'm not vacuuming, I'm reading.
I leave you with a parenting dilema like no other:
The baby is asleep, finally, on your lap. She is a little sick and currently a light sleeper so any atempt to move her would certainly wake her up. You know she has poop in her diaper, and enough pee that it's leaking on your leg.
I normally wouldn't let her sleep in poopy pants but this is the first moment she hasn't yelled at me in what feels like years...ok it's been just this morning (and last night) that she's been cranky.
The decision may be made for me because I have to pee.


My Big Girl

Josephine just put a potato chip the size of a checker piece in her mouth. She looked at me and turned to run away like she does whenever she puts anything in her mouth that I haven't given her myself. I grabbed her arm, she gave me a whiny noise, and then crunch.
She couldn't believe that this "checker piece" had crumbled so easily in her mouth. There was a look of shock, then she joined me in laughing so hard that pieces of greasy potato flew out of her mouth.

A few nights ago I tossed Josephine onto my bed and handed her the TV remote to play with like I always do when we get ready for bed. I turned to step into the bathroom, taking out my hair clips and turning the lights off. When I turned back she was already three steps away from the bed and running full speed towards me. I scooped her up as fast as I could and explained to her that she wasn't big enough yet to be getting off the bed all by herself. She is still a baby! She's gotten off of the couch by herself plenty of times, but my bed is much higher and I had never seen her even attempt to get down from it alone. I was happy to see her first step, slightly bummed to pack away all her itty-bitty newborn clothes, but this really hit me hard. As silly as it sounds, this was too big for her. I'm running out of baby time and closing in on toddler.


i can breath

I am pleased to announce that MarioKart therapy works! I feel much better today after winning a few trophies.
Have you seen the movie Burn After Reading? For some reason I was under the impression that it was going to be a comedy...it was just creepy, and kind of sad.
You know what's cute? The way Josephine plays along with me on the Wii Fit. She stomps her feet and tries to lift one leg in the air when I do the Yoga. Then when I'm skiing and there is a chime to signal I've made it through a gate successfully, she mimics a beep noise from wherever she is in the room. Beep beep beep beep.
So I just found out that my dad knows about this blog and has informed my extended family about it- Hi guys!
There hasn't been anything scandalous on here (right?) but still, I'm gonna be a little shy for a few posts until I forget who is reading.
I have a few pictures on my camera that need to be uploaded...that'll come later when Josephine takes an actual nap (HA)!
One last thing- do you know how freaking excited I am that Scrubs is back on?
I am very freaking excited.


math problem

A cold+a rambunctious toddler+phone calls that need to be made+college admission office workers that don't care about doing their jobs+ICan'tBreath+MyHeadIsSpinning=my death.
the end.
I think some MarioKart might help me to feel better.


belated new year...

my thoughts on New Year resolutions:
As a woman, when I automatically think of making a New Year resolution I think of losing weight. Personally I never thought I needed to lose weight (until now) so leaping into a diet has never been an issue for me. I don't think I've ever made a New Year resolution actually. If you can think of something that you need to change about yourself you should do it, right then. Why wait for January 1st?
That being said, here are my resolutions:
  1. Live as if this is my do-over. If me 10 years from now got to come back to 2009 and have a do-over, what would I do differently? This means choosing to play with Josephine over starting the laundry, even if it means spending the day in my PJ's because nothing else is clean (oh what a sacrifice!). It means not stepping on the scale everyday or pinching my belly fat and instead being thankful I'm healthy enough to chase my daughter around the house. It means trying that much harder to understand and/or ignore the crazy in my family and enjoy the time I have with them now.
  2. Continue learning more and more about healthy living.
  3. Fill up the recipe book I've started. I put together a blank book ( I'll show you later) and I write in a recipe after it turns out to be a big success in this house. I don't add ones that are boring or obvious, only the special ones.
  4. Get better at talking on the phone.
  5. Sleep 6 hours straight. Just once. Come on Josephine!
I think 2009 is gonna be good.
I'm thankful for a lot of things 2008 brought and remembering those things is just as important, if not more, than making new resolutions.
What was so great about your 2008?