school year starts

Josephine loves "school".  Her day-care is at a Christian elementary school and she is the only 2 year old there, the rest of the kids are kindergartners that are there the other half of their half-day.  You wouldn't know she was so much younger than the rest by looking at her though, she is tall, and maybe some of the other kids are a little short.  She goes three days a week and stays with my mom two days.  I had no idea she's like going so much, on the days she stays home she asks if maybe we can just go to my school right now? The school gets out early on Fridays and many of the older kids hang out in the day-care/after school care then.  Josephine doesn't like big kids, only little kids.
I really am enjoying picking her up in the afternoons and watching her try to explain the art project she's done that day.
Something she may have learned at school (or maybe on TV?) is hide-and-seek.  There is something about summer ending that makes being outside the most important thing in the whole world and we have played about six million games of hide-and-seek.