Josephine has slipped stepping out of the bathtub before, she has stumbled off the step stool that is by the toilet.  Josephine has fallen down the carpeted stairs a handful of times and has tripped and skinned her knee so often that it's odd if she doesn't have a scab on one or the other. 
The other day my dad and I took Josephine to the elementary school down the road to go on the Swings and Slides Right Now! She is very brave on the swings, always wanting to go faster, but this time she got a little cocky. 
She was slowing down, I sat on the sing beside her and soon she felt safe enough to let go with one hand and try to reach over to me.  As soon as I noticed what she was doing I started to tell her to please hold on with both hands but in typical disaster slow-motion I didn't get the words out before seeing her papa move like he was going to give her a big push.  All I could get out was NOOOOO! as I leaped off only fast enough to trip and skid under my swing as Josephine did a full back flip landing face first in the wood chips. 
I immediately pictured a bloody face covered in splinters.  Would this be her first emergency room visit? Have you ever see a lanky two year old flip off a swing like a trapeze artist, a bad trapeze artist, and skid to a stop on her face like Wile E. Coyote? 
Her face is fine, I picked the pieces of wood out of her hair and socks and told her she could push papa off the swing now, it's only fair.  Watching papa fall off the swing is pretty hilarious it turns out.
My right shin, the one I landed on trying to scramble off the swing in time to save my baby, is full of splinters and scratches... so there's that.

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