it builds character

I was starting a post with whatever, y'all can suck it, thanks for nothing, then a friend posted some shoe ideas after all...but I already found shoes. $7 from payless, and they look like they cost $7 but I'm ok with that.

so, Operation Lose My Shit is officially underway. I have half my suitcase packed, disposable diapers purchased for the trip, and nightmares about being seated next to some cranky drama queen that thinks breastfeeding is gross and wants to educate me on the benefits of Benadryl or other sedation techniques.

I mentioned the Wonder Weeks book before and you know what it says? It says that the most common week for a baby's separation anxiety to peek is week 29. Guess what week she started yesterday? If she would've been born on her due date then week 29 would start this coming Friday. Either way, it's just in time for the wedding I'm attending on Saturday. Here's hoping she doesn't fit the mold this time.

I am really excited though. I leave tomorrow morning and I'm not going to be doing any computer stuff while I'm there so I look forward to sharing how everything went when I get home again the following Wednesday.

Give me a few days, if you don't hear from me assume I got in a fight on the plane and TSA has me locked up in a back closet.


Deeedra said...

WHAT? you were gonna say Suck it to your friends?!?!?!
I don't have time for my own shoes, let alone some fashion advice. If you saw my wardrobe you would understand. Trust me, it only goes more down hill the more children you have!!!

Don't fret about your flight. You're going to get on there and see that it isn't so bad. When we took Caden on a plane we had tons of snacks, books and little games to keep him busy. You'll be fine and Josephine is going to rock on the plane!!! ;) Hope it all goes well my dear.

Deeedra said...

starting to feel left out of your life with no new posts! Hearing about you and Josephine is a highlight for me! ;)

kelly jo said...

I agree, your blog has become my National Inquirer. In the same way that reading about Jessica Simpson's recent lipo from a midget makes me feel somehow closer as a friend to her, I can feel closer to you by reading about your daily accomplishments and woes. I really like it when you talk smack, like a Fox news consumer special reporter. I also love all the great pictures and videos, it's like that segment at the end of a news broadcast all about shankings and fire when the anchor says, "On a lighter note, we bring you our Moments of Joy segment featuring Willard, a dog born with human legs. What a triumphant animal."

So what I'm really trying to say is. . . How was your trip?