oh yeah

I'll probably be giving little updates about my MN trip from time to time because I'll suddenly remember something funny or interesting (to me) and I'll just have to share!

SO, remember the $7 shoes I got to go with my brown dress? Well, I wore them around my house before I left so that I could get a feel for any trouble spots and apply padding to appropriate areas. So far they were feeling pretty good. I'm not much of a high heel girl but these felt like I could keep them on for most of the night.
When I put them on the day of the wedding I suddenly needed bandaids on all my toes just to walk down the stairs to the car. But I didn't put any bandaids on because I thought I'd just re-adjust them in the car and baby=suck brains out. (Josephine is my excuse for most things, she owes me, my section scar still hurts) Anyway my feet hurt so bad that I carried my shoes around for most of the night, keeping them on only for the ceremony and for a brief walk outside between dinner and dance. I left them there. I had to. Walking to the bathroom for one last diaper change before we left my feet cramped up. Like when you are swimming and your toes suddenly point in unnatural directions...yeah, so I'm wiping baby but on a bench in a bathroom and my toes are pointing every way possible and OUCH! See ya later cheapo shoes.

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