Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles

Because I know you have all be wondering...here are a few of my favorite things: The bathroom and kitchen edition

1] Philosophy skin care products. Specifically the Purity wash and On a Clear Day H2O2 cream. My skin went bonkers after Josephine was born and I tried a few different products including a few months of a birth control pill that all just made things worse. I finally gave in and bought the Philosophy products after months of reading rave reviews and now? I feel pretty, oh so pretty... If your skin care routine isn't working out for you, I recommend you look into Philosophy.

2] I bought these sun dried tomatoes to put on a pizza and the rest of the week I put them on sandwiches, in salads, on more pizzas...mmm...they are so delicious. I could probably eat them straight from the jar.

3] The other day I wandered to the yogurt section, as I am wont to do, and found these:
They come in delicious and unique flavors, but best of all there are no weird ingredients, all natural. When I sit down to eat I like to have something that I can share with Josephine, she eats a lot more if we eat together, and I feel good about sharing these with her instead of the super sugary and artificial color loaded yogurts.

4] I love getting new lotion. I don't love strong smelling lotions, sugary sweet smelling lotions, or expensive lotions. I've been pretty loyal to the Aveeno brand, but when I saw that Suave made a cheaper Aveeno knock-off I had to give it a shot. And I love this lotion. You will love it too. It has the perfect consistency, no weird smell, and that nice low price of Suave.

5] Like I said, I'm a fan of Aveeno. I love the baby lotions and washes, the sunblock, the shaving cream etc. but most of all I love the sunless tanner. I've tried a million kinds of sunless tanners and they are all the same, stinky and orange. Oh but the Aveeno has the very mildest of stinks...I mean no sunless tanner is totally odorless, but this one is very close. Very close. And, at least on my skin, it isn't orange at all.
This is what we do all day...


kelly jo said...

You might try this yogurt recepie:
-Have your favorite Turkish mom make home-made yogurt.
-Put some of it in a blender with water, salt, and a little lemon.
-Try to choke it down and then decide that adding strawberries is a good idea.
-Get laughed at by your Turkish friends and add some sugar to make it palatable.

I've actually grown to love this drink (without the strawberries and sugar) just don't order it at a resturant, they will add mint. yuck.

lolly said...

oh man, i remember wondering for a minute if they were playing a joke on us.

Deeedra said...

It isn't a low price, but have you tried Burt's Bees for Josephine? I use it on the kids and it doesn't leave them greasy. I hate that feeling. It doesn't stink really bad and it's actually better for your skin than the Aveeno brand.