Look what I can do!

I made a new baby-wearing device. It's pretty huh?

Kind of a crappy picture, but hopefully you can get an idea of what's going on here.

And no sewing machine!

In other life-changing news: We have Comcast digital cable which offers PPV options as well as several free movies. I found out that the Exercise TV is also free. Sooooo that means I have been trying out the yoga and Pilate's and other exercise "classes" in my living room. Convenient! Free!

If you've never tried yoga, you probably should give it a shot. I've heard of people who get addicted to the feel-goodness you have after a yoga session, to the point that they are complete assholes if they miss a day...So don't do that, but maybe try it once or twice.

Can you believe it's the end of August already? Schools are starting up...the first few tinges of golds and oranges are showing up at the top of the mountains...pretty soon I'm going to have to get Josephine dressed everyday instead of letting her run around naked.


Deeedra said...

Nice job Rach...how do you like that version? I thought about making that kind but wanted to use it when he was an infant and was told it was bad for the backs (under like 3 mo. or something). I might try that kind next, not sure I like the pouch for this stage. Let me know how it goes. Looks great too...love the fabric.

lolly said...

it's super comfy and Josephine likes being in there, even on my back like a back pack! I know what you mean about it only being for bigger babies (and the pouch was a god-send when Josephine was itty bitty) but i *have* seen someone sorta roll the bottom and tuck a little baby in there so the legs weren't sticking out... maybe it depends on the baby? go for it deidre, you'll love it

Deeedra said...

I do use the pouch one still. I just kinda fold his legs up a bit and he is ok with it for a little. I know with older kids like Jose's age you can use it while they sit on your hip on the side...We'll see.

Yes, you do deserve a thank you as you encouraged me so much with the beginning stages a couple years ago. Along with all the help trying to come up with a name;)