cast iron crown

There are two styles of cornbread.
Southern style and New England style.
The former has more of a corn flavor, a grittier texture, and a crispier crust than the latter. If you ask a yankee to make some cornbread for you you'll get a sweeter and softer bread, almost a corn cake. If you search for cornbread recipes on the Internet you'll mostly get the northern version; I think it's because if you have a good southern recipe you keep it a secret, possibly only sharing on your death bed.
My dad has been on a mission to make good southern style cornbread for several months now and has been failing miserably. I mixed up a couple of batches and even though he didn't think it was a competition, I won.
The first batch was a fail because I forgot to add the salt.
By the third batch I had made the best southern cornbread you can possibly make in a glass pan. That's the thing, authentic southern style cornbread is baked in a cast iron pan...which I don't have...glass is the next best thing.
I know you are dying for me to reveal my recipe...
I'll say this, on a scale of just add milk to childhood memory my bread lands pretty solidly on we could make this when grandma visits.

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