is it just me or does her poop smell worse when she has a cold?

I just wrote a loooooong rant about Thank-You notes. Seriously, it was several paragraphs. Feel free to send me one for deleting that post. You are welcome.

I can't seem to get my thoughts out in a way that makes sense lately... I've also deleted a long post on the things Josephine has been doing lately but it turned into a list of things she had done today and not really what I was going for. I wanted to tell you that she often asks me to help her get her shoes on. She has a pair that squeaks with each step that she likes best, but any pair will usually do. And I wanted to tie in how she chases the dog around the house. The dog, Akila, is scared of everything. Josephine has figured this out and yesterday chased her around first with a lawn mower toy that I had to take away, then a roll of wrapping paper, then a dinosaur plate she used for lunch...she thinks she is funny (she is). I wanted to let you all know that Josephine can open anything now. Pantry door? check. Can of baking powder? check. Tube of butt cream? check. Infant Tylenol bottle with child safety top? check. Safe with three combination locks? OK no, but that might be the only thing.

We are right now on the tail end of the longest snot fest in the history of snot fests. Jose started her cold symptoms over a week ago and still hasn't shaken that awful snoring that comes with a stuffy nose. Needless to say she has been an absolute gem lately.

I'm all caught up in my class now. yeah for me.


Deeedra said...

I love this post!

It really is too dang funny that your daughter can get into "child proof" bottles. It doesn't get much funnier than that. But could you expect any less from that girl?

Bebop and Rocksteady said...

Are you pro- or anti-Thank-You notes?

lolly said...

D- thanks, she is ridiculous
Bebop- I am pro-note. How do you ask if someone got the gift you sent without sounding like you really mean "where is my thank-you"?

Bebop and/or Rocksteady said...

Good point.

Would you then send a "you're welcome" note to confirm that you received the thank-you note?