Me Me Me Me Me

I might be one of the last people to do this. It's been floating around Facebook for weeks and has trickled into the blogosphere. Here are 23 things about me (I edited off the last two because there were kinda inside jokes with some Facebook friends):

  1. I like the idea of everyone getting their 15 minutes. For the longest time though, I couldn't shake the idea that mine would come from being diagnosed with some rare disease (boo). More recently, however, I picture myself making some fantastic discovery, like a fossil or giant diamond.
  2. One summer I thought I broke my thumb after smashing it into a plastic gun while Kelly Theiler and I were making a music video in my yard.
  3. I'd like to go on record as saying that 99% of all of the bad decisions I made in high school were Kelly Schaffer's fault. But damn if she didn't make high school fun.
  4. 7th and 8th grade were so miserable that in 12 years when Josephine is there, if she asks to be home schooled I am totally taking her seriously.
  5. I am a sucker for a museum, especially natural history museums.
  6. I took a sleep aid every night for over 4 years before I got pregnant. I don't need them anymore.
  7. I've lived in 6 states, (not counting Nevada even though I had a Nevada driver's license), and the place I'm in now is by far my favorite.
  8. I lose my shit in crowded places.
  9. I am currently enrolled in my 4th university.
  10. There are some "girl" things that I never understood but pretended to anyway. Like needing to have a good cry? I hate crying, I try to avoid things that make me cry.
  11. One of my favorite lazy-day activities is watching old home movies.
  12. Picky eaters are super annoying.
  13. 14 years ago some friends and I built a giant snow turtle in a snow sculpting competition and we won…something place, I don't remember, but we got a trophy to share. I must have had it last because I just found it in a box of my stuff in the garage. (I threw it away guys, sorry.) Josephine and I mad a smaller version in the back yard the other day.
  14. I have fond memories of dancing in Sara Williams' drive way when we were 10 years old. We danced to Kris Kross, Tag Team, and Sir Mix-a-Lot. Whoomp there it is!
  15. The first rated R movie I saw was Stephen King's IT when I was 7 or 8. It's about a scary clown that kills a bunch of people. It's pretty amazing I don't have a clown phobia today.
  16. One night in high school someone knocked on my bedroom window in the middle of the night and scared the shit out of me. My blinds were down and I just lay still until I thought the coast was clear. I still have no idea who that was.
  17. A lot of this being a parent business is actually exactly how I thought it would be.
  18. I probably still know the words to every Ace of Base song. When I was 7,8,9 the cool place to have a birthday party was at the Breckenridge Recreation Center (the Breck Rec) where we'd swim and eat pizza until we dropped. The car ride there was long enough to listen to every song on the Ace of Base tape twice.
  19. It doesn't matter how many hours of History channel or Discovery channel I watch. That information never comes up in trivia games!
  20. 90% of my book shelf is full of ½ read books.
  21. Speed scares me. Riding on 4-wheelers and ski boats are fun, but not so fast please.
  22. Can you tell I'm running out of stuff to say? I'm for keeping the topic on me just as much as the next narcissist but this is a little much.
  23. Hmmm…23 is a pretty good number, Josephine was born on the 23rd, I was 23 years old when I became pregnant and moved across the country, I've eaten 23 potato chips today, I pulled 23 muscles yesterday trying to maneuver the snow blower through the driveway.



Lora said...


@jaaaason said...

"....Ace of Base tape....."

This reminds me of my MC Hammer tape. I'm pretty sure my parents confiscated and burned it.

Sara W. said...

Thinking of making a mixed tape and labeling it "Leadville Jam '94". I am pretty sure I still have those cassettes @ mom & dad's house. Good Times though.....Good Times.

Also how about making random disgusting food concotions (sp?) and thinking it was great.... eww I can't belive I ate some of that.

Miss you- Think of the good times we had a lot & miss it. Take Care- xoxo

Emma said...

I finally caved and did one of these too. I love 16, its so funny how we think we'll be safe if we just stay hiding in our beds.

The giant snow turtle sounds awesome too :-)

lolly said...

Lora- that's awesome.
Jason- I can say the same thing about Wilson Phillips and...uh...Billy Joel
Sara- I could write 25 things that I remember loving from 5th grade. Jumping into the snow from my porch-best friend necklaces
Emma-I was so scared but I thought that if i didn't move whoever was out there would think i wasn't there, now that i think about it, my blinds may have been up a little and that's why i froze. yikes!