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Today is Name Yourself Day
What would you change your name to if you could, for just a day?
I always liked my name, but that didn't stop me from re-naming myself when my friends and I would play school or house or whatever the hell when we were in grade school.
Names I remember using:

Kelly- at the time I knew more males than females named Kelly but I knew it could be a girl name too...
Mikayla- I have a cousin with this name so I knew it was a real name (I was obsessed with what could be a real name and what was "made up"...I never would've believed someone would name their baby Banjo or Apple). None of my friends had heard the name before so it made me a little special.
Madeline- from the story books and cartoons. you know, that french girl with the nun.
My last name was always Strawberry- I had heard of Darryl Strawberry and I knew he was a good baseball player. That was it, I didn't follow baseball or know anything about him otherwise, I just liked his name.

Today I am Chantilly Sarsaparilla McGillacutty (that is the correct spelling of "sasparilla", who knew?)

So, today you can pick a new name. Make a name tag. Confuse someone.


ScrambledJill said...

Nice! I have never heard of such a thing. I think I would like to go by something stripperish today. Perhaps Bambi, or Candi with and "i."

Lora said...

this sounds ridiculously fun! I have a terrible time coming up with names.

I have 3 friends with kids named Banjo! But in all fairness, they are Australian, and "Banjo" is like "John' over there!

Jaaaason said...

I should have figured you would name yourself after a Big Bopper song: