Josephine's first book signing!

So about two years ago, spring break of 2006 actually, I was in a bad place emotionally and it didn't help that I was living in Minnesota and the snow was so high I couldn't see out my windows and I was pretty much stuck in my apartment all week with little to do. I read a news story about a girl meeting up with someone she met on MySpace and getting hurt (I had internet, but not a TV) and I decided to look into what Myspace actually was because I really had no idea. I eventually figured it out and then quickly learned that all my siblings and half my friends all had accounts and I was clueless.
In the process of learning about this new corner of the internet I stumbled on these things called "blogs". I had previously been clueless about these things as well, but oh what a discovery! It was like an oasis in the desert; I had something to fill my time until school started again!
The first blog I found was Dooce and I enjoyed the few posts that I read so much that I went back through the archives and read everything from the beginning, almost five years worth of back posts. Heather, the author, has been writing letters to her daughter every month for 52 months(!) and is the reason I write Josephine a letter each month. I don't know if I'll keep it up as long as she has, but I need to give her the credit for the great idea.
She put together a book recently, Things I Learned About my Dad (In Therapy) with essays from many writers that I have followed through their respective blogs over the years. I haven't read the book yet, I just bought it tonight, but I'm certainly looking forward to it. Tonight I drove down to Salt Lake City, to a little bookstore in the middle of town, so that I could have Heather sign a copy of her book for me. And she totally made googly eyes at Josephine which made me happy. She is an amazing writer, she pays the bills for her whole family of three through the ads on her blog for crying out loud. She is funny, clever, honest, and quite candid about real life struggles such as depression. I am very excited that I got to meet her, even if it was only for 5 seconds while she scribbled her name in a book.

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Deeedra said...

I had Kelly Theiler talked into trying to come but she couldn't get out of work. You'll be missed none the less...move closer dang it! You don't need that mountain view...geez. So selfish.