just ignore the the mumbling crazy lady

I'm serious when I said that the only thing on my mind is that I'm flying cross country with Josephine in July.

I've started a packing list that I keep open on my computer in case I need to add something to it really quick. When I go shopping I find myself on the look out for something that will make this trip easier, some miracle product I've never heard of but could totally be on the sale rack.

I've gone back and forth over the pros and cons of checking my car seat at the counter versus lugging it through the airport and leaving it at the gate. (I'm going to lug it through the airport, I think, probably.) And every time Josephine wakes up in the middle of the night and actually starts to fuss I think, is she going to wake up our hosts? I told them she isn't a crier at night! Josephine, You will not make your mother into a liar!

Then there are the moments sprinkled though out the day where I use up all my energy, and the energy of whoever else is in the room, just trying to keep my shit together because How The Hell Am I Supposed To Entertain A 6 Month Old Baby On An Airplane?

She can crawl now you know. Did you know? Well, she knows, and she will not want to just sit on my lap when there is so much floor to lick, and all those shoes! she needs to drool on some of those!

I should probably just get over it huh? Crazy lady should just relax...

(Attn: Kelly, at the airport, I'll be the one with my hair sticking out, bloodshot eyes, more spit-up than clean spots on my clothes, and a screaming baby strapped to my chest. You can't miss me!)

I really am excited though- almost exactly a year since I left Minnesota, it'll be a nice vacation, plus I'm going to a wedding!

In other news, dude, did you hear? Josephine can crawl now. So wild.

Some cool stuff:

Neat huh? and stylish! Link

Also, click here and watch the short video about this reverse graffiti artist. It's pretty radical.

Finally, for those of you with kids, not babies, kids. What do you think about giving them a placebo when they are complaining about some ailment but you don't really believe them? It'd probably work a lot of the time, I think. Why not just fill an old medicine bottle with tic tacs or something instead? I might keep this idea filed away for later.


Deeedra said...

I have to say I always go for the nastiest tasting medicine when we are at the doctor just to avoid them liking it. Here's the problem: Alanna thinks that Abram's Gas drops (mylicon) taste great. So, she opens it (as it isn't child proof) and drinks the whole thing!!! What if that were something more serious? I work really hard to stop them from liking the medicine. In fact, I don't get the "bubble gum" flavor when we go the the doctor. I go for something else (and they do have other options). I don't want them to get into something and think it's candy or anything of the sort. You should look up the other side of this argument. However, the stories you will find are very frightening.

Deeedra said...

Oh, and if Caden seems to be faking something, you can pretty much tell. It's a great opportunity to teach them about lying. I just wait it out and see if he does have some other kind of symptom. Besides, if they really are older than my children, they'll probably be on to you about fake candy anyway.