the artist

\I've been thinking about how people "trick" you into liking them, or at least, thinking they are something different than what they really are. I think these people fall into two catagories: those who know they are fooling you, and those who really believe it themselves.

The former includes people who are good at sales. That woman who makes you believe she really thinks you look great in that color and she'd never lie to you, she's your friend, so you end up getting pink highlights and you just wanted to buy some shampoo, she is in that catagory.

The latter is filled with celebrities and other ego-maniacs that really do believe they are that hot or that smart, and their confidence can sometimes convince the observer, if even for a moment. FOR EXAMPLE: Lately I've been playing Prince non-stop in the car. (don't judge me) Josephine is almost always chill when we drive around town so it isn't much different than if I were driving around by myself...listening to Prince. Anyway after about 2 songs I start to think that this Prince guy? he's pretty sexy. Prince, kinda makes me want to date again, then I remember that I actually know what he looks like and it's not what I picture when I listen to his music. Right. Not knocking anyone who thinks he's hot, just not my cup of tea.

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