she does have shoes, though

Last saturday I tricked my family into taking the train to Salt Lake City so we could visit the planetarium. I've been wanting to go for a while and everytime I take the dog for a walk at night and look up at the stars I ask my dad if maybe this weekend we could go on a family field trip?
The train is a great deal for commuters who buy passes, but one round-trip ticket isn't saving you money. It is much more pleasent of a trip though as long as you weren't sitting within earshot of my family. Josephine and I sat quietly and looked out the window. My sister and parents had loud "discussions" about topics too embarrassing to write here.
Do you like my shirt?
I felt a little silly wearing it around town, but I also think it's pretty funny.
Anyway, the planetarium was fun and much less embarrassing than the train ride.
There is a station that allows you to "give the weather report". It seems that I have confused meteorologist with lady from The Price is Right.

There is also a neat set-up of a Moon and a Mars landscape that Josephine thought was fabulous. I couldn't coax her off of Mars and had to scoop her up as she wriggled and squirmed trying to get back to the red planet. There go my threats to send Josephine to live on the moon if she doesn't shape up.

We had a nice lunch and then had to book it back to the station to catch the next train home instead of spending a leisurely Saturday in the city, shopping and exploring, because someone hadn't seen her boyfriend yet today and Oh my gosh the travesty of spending a morning with your family while your boyfriend is back at home, all alone, WE HAVE TO GET ON THE NEXT TRAIN!

It was a warm and sunny weekend, perfect for running around in a t-shirt and bare feet.

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Deeedra said...

That is the best political t-shirt I've seen through out this whole election.