white death

So last night it snowed. And snowed and snowed and snowed. Last year around this time it snowed some then quickly warmed up again until the super snow storm that kicked off a looooooong snowy winter. That super snow storm just happened to be the same night I was gutted on an operating table and met my daughter for the first time.
One night I sat Josephine on the counter while I scooped some rock hard ice cream into a bowl. She reached her fingers into the tub and poked the cold dessert, looked up at me and squealed with delight. Putting her fingers in the snow was a little like that.
She really enjoyed stomping on the snow. Her "boots" (slippers) have good enough traction, but they are a tiny bit big so she had a little trouble walking in them.
You can't tell from these pictures but this hat is absolutely gorgeous on her. I'll try to get a better close-up another day.
Right now I'm sorry we didn't roll in the grass more. The dog though, she loves the snow.


jamie said...

Okay first of all...I CAN'T believe you have that much snow!! It was like 70 here yesterday, and I'm in Canada! Second, Josephine does look absolutely adorable in that hat...I love that last pic of her. She really is beautiful.

And her laughing at that crazy dog is just too cute :)

lolly said...

I know!! that's life in the rocky mountains i guess. it'll be 70 again by the end of the week...

Deeedra said...

so glad the snow is not here! Love the pics!