math problem

A cold+a rambunctious toddler+phone calls that need to be made+college admission office workers that don't care about doing their jobs+ICan'tBreath+MyHeadIsSpinning=my death.
the end.
I think some MarioKart might help me to feel better.


jamie said...

mario kart ALWAYS makes things better. Do you have it for the wii? So fun.... :) Hope you feel better soon.

ScrambledJill said...

Hey Rachel! It's De-Lurk Day! I follow your blog and love seeing what you and Josephine are up to. Take care!

kelly jo said...

You should put Josephine in her stroller; give her bananas, turtles, and lightning bolts; make a race track; play mario kart for REAL; and post a video. That would be rad.

lolly said...

-Thanks Jamie, yeah I do and it's RAD!
-Jill, Oops i totally missed it, i'll have to make my own de-lurk day.
-Kelly, yes. good idea. i just need to find another couple to race and throw turtle shells at, interested?

Deeedra said...

ohhhh marioKart! I miss that game so much! I'm jealous you have a wii. I want one. I hope you feel better.

Nice Kelly...that would be so funny! I think you just gave Rachel her costume idea for next halloween :)