i can breath

I am pleased to announce that MarioKart therapy works! I feel much better today after winning a few trophies.
Have you seen the movie Burn After Reading? For some reason I was under the impression that it was going to be a comedy...it was just creepy, and kind of sad.
You know what's cute? The way Josephine plays along with me on the Wii Fit. She stomps her feet and tries to lift one leg in the air when I do the Yoga. Then when I'm skiing and there is a chime to signal I've made it through a gate successfully, she mimics a beep noise from wherever she is in the room. Beep beep beep beep.
So I just found out that my dad knows about this blog and has informed my extended family about it- Hi guys!
There hasn't been anything scandalous on here (right?) but still, I'm gonna be a little shy for a few posts until I forget who is reading.
I have a few pictures on my camera that need to be uploaded...that'll come later when Josephine takes an actual nap (HA)!
One last thing- do you know how freaking excited I am that Scrubs is back on?
I am very freaking excited.


hhold said...

Happy New Year... I love your blog and the pictures what a great way to document Josephines developement. You can feel the love...

Robert Daniel is due to arrive the 5 Feb.. Abbey is going to be a great big sister.. Can't wait to get all the grandkids together.

Love you... Aunt Heidi

Deeedra said...

I've attempted to keep my blog hush hush from my parents and in-laws. Let alone aunts and uncles. My luck, they probably already know about it and are reading it :) I'd be shy if I knew too :) Now is the time to develop a new (secret) blog and let this become a generic blog. haha

Deeedra said...

I'm kidding by the way.