Nothing motivates you to exercise like full length mirrors and measuring tape.

I have a dress fitting coming up for a friend's wedding.

I haven't lost the last bit of baby weight that I need to lose.

Wii Fit is not enough and I am already eating the best that I can right now (I could eat better, but then I'd crack and eat an entire cheesecake in one night…so for now I'm doing the best I can).

I bought an exercise video.

I got mad at everyone eating the food I make but never helping me clean up so I declared that no one was allowed to eat anything I cook.

I still wanted to cook though, and I had just made a banana cream pie and banana bread.

So I ate the whole pie by myself.

I started sharing my food again.

I bruised my heel.

Josephine wakes up furious 5-6 times a night. Seriously, she is pissed.

I am exhausted.

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