do I get a medal?

I'm having one of those days where I want to hurl things across the room every time something small doesn't go my way. Pen out of ink? It's lodged in the drywall. Stub my toe on a chair? Chair is in pieces on the lawn.
It may have something to do with the lack of sleep, the snow I woke up to this morning, or that my back is killing me.
I'm not alone though, all week this house has been filled with sighs and eye rolls, everyone thinking they are the only sane person left in this house of crazies.
Yes I would like some cheese with this whine...but even more, I'd like some wine with this whine.
Josephine is 15 months old today. In the last week she has managed to get the worst diaper rash in history, then get better practically overnight. (teething rash, I think) She fell while dancing outside and has a scraped up knee, and she did something or another and has a long gash on her shin (well not as bad as a gash, but worse than a scratch, a gatch? a scrash?). Then, she was bent over, playing with her new shoes and lost balance. She did a face plant on the cement patio and had a scrape from her forehead down to her nose. I say "had" because the last of those scabs came off this morning in the shower. Just in time too, I felt weird showing up at the pediatrician's office with my mangled baby. (she also has a black fingernail from smashing it in a cubbard a few weeks ago)
I don't supervise.
I took the stair blocking gate down last week too...so far so good.

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ScrambledJill said...

You totally get a medal. I hope this week is better and boo-boo free!