she bangs, she bangs

Did you ever try giving yourself a haircut as a kid? I don't remember ever doing it myself, I think it was because I always wanted long hair would even cry my eyes out over a trim. I saw a lady on Sesame Street that had hair down to her knees and that's what I wanted.
I know lots of people though that have tried giving themselves bangs only to end up lopping off too much.
Last night I was searching for ways to style my hair when I made the decision that maybe I could do with some bangs...so I cut my hair and...it looks great! I did good guys! I'll take a picture later, I think it makes my face look thinner even...
Later last night we were all talking about where we should go to watch the fireworks tonight when we decided that Las Vegas would be a good place. So we're off to Vegas with good hair.

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