Vegas Vacation

what could be more exciting than a spur-of-the-moment trip to Las Vegas? How about when that trip is with your parents and your 1.5 year old daughter? WOO HOO!
When we arrived in town it was 117 degrees.

So as we were checking in to our room at Treasure Island and we have a great view of the whole strip- perfect for watching the fireworks in air-conditioning- the lady behind the desk informs us that Las Vegas is "tightening its belt" and not doing the fireworks show it usually does. Oh.
At dinner we hear that maybe one or two hotels will be doing their own show, but not any of the ones on the strip...bummer.
When the sun went down we all looked out the window and watched some small private fireworks go off around the city, not exactly what we came for. Tiny poofs in the distance, not worth sitting by the window for. What's on TV?
While everyone else was gambling, Josephine and I got ready for bed. I was washing my face when I heard the BOOM BOOM POP BOOM...I grabbed the baby and ran to the window. With soap still on my face and a nervous baby on my lap I got to watch a decent fireworks show after all.
Josephine was a trooper- poor girl had to sit in the car for hours and then be carried around the hot city and all she wanted to do was run and play. We jumped on the bed.

Sunday morning we got to the pool as soon as it opened at 8am to beat the crowds. I figured most would be sleeping in and too hungover to make it to the pool that early, I was right. I did see one couple though, with drinks in their hands, staggering and yelling through the casino at that early hour, dressed-up, obviously hadn't been to bed yet.
Overall we all had a good time.
This morning Josephine slept in until 10:30


Stefanie said...

We are going to Vegas for Labor Day... I've never been. Any recommendations??
PS... I'm not a gambler.

lolly said...

tons of recommendations- my parents lived there for 2years! let me know what tips you are looking for. (best pool?, shows?, are you bringing the baby?)