yesterday was fun

Our little local airport is mostly used for private leer jets and skydiving clubs but there are two restaurants there that are worth driving out to the middle of nowhere. After perusing the farmer's market we we out to breakfast at a deli there at the airport and it was fabulous. We all agreed that they made the perfect hash browns.
Later we drove up into the mountains to a friends house for a potluck/picnic. One of the other guests was a photographer that had eyes for Josephine (she is pretty gorgeous). He was taking candid shots throughout the party and later pulled me aside and took some fantastic mother-daughter portrait shots. I was sweaty and my hair was goofy but they still turned out pretty great- I'll share them when I get my copies.
Finally we drove a little way up to the ski resort that was close by to listen to Juice Newton. The music was wonderful and fun but even better was the fact that we were sitting on a steep kill and Josephine isn't too good at stopping herself when she starts walking down it. She had a blast diving and tumbling and bouncing around from me to my parents to my sister to the ground and back again. There was a freakishly fantastic sunset behind us at the concert and everyone around us was laughing and dancing and trying to keep their little kids from falling down the mountain.
I realized that I have never been away from home with Josephine for that long without it being an actual over-night trip. When we travel over-night I pack disposable diapers so that no one in the car/hotel has to deal with me saving her stinky cloth diapers in a bag for hours or days. The longest trips I've taken with Josephine and only used cloth diapers are shopping trips that require maybe one diaper change and it's usually only me in the car anyhow. Yesterday I found myself praying that she had finished her pooping that morning so that I would only have to store her wet diapers in the car. She's been eating a little more fruit than usual lately, grapes and blueberries mostly, so her stink is pretty impressive...you know, in case you were wondering...
Speaking of Juice and fruit, sort of, we have a Jack Lalanne Juicer now. My grandmother says she went through a period where she couldn't help herself from buying a few things from infomercials and ended up with this juicer sitting on her counter. She never used it so I asked her to send it to us. It's kind of a hassle as you'd expect. Cleaning it takes more time than making the juice and most of the time eating the fruit is more satisfying than drinking the little bit of juice that comes out of it. Still, it's fun if you get bored and want to pretend to be a health nut for an hour and I like that I can "juice" a chunk of ginger.


ScrambledJill said...

It sounds like you had a great weekend!

I always see the Jack Lalane infomercial, I wanted one for the longest time.

Have you seen the Flavorwave infomercial with MR. T.? Awesome!

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