I watch old episodes of 7th Heaven in the afternoons. If I'm too busy to watch when it airs, I record it.

When I go to the bathroom I pull my shirt all the way up to my chest. I have a bare belly when I pee. I didn't notice until I was a giant pregnant lady and exposing my big ol' belly needed to be done a bit more purposefully. I don't know why I do this.

I made up a pumpkin pie hamburger thing for dinner the other night. A can of pumpkin, eggs, whatever spices I could find, pound of hamburger and most of a can of olives. Baked on top of butter soaked saltines. It wasn't too bad. It wasn't too good either.

I can drink an entire pitcher of cranberry juice in one day. A pitcher being a prepared can of concentrate, however much that is. Is this bad? Can I overdose on cranberry?

When Josephine nurses she likes to play a little game. I look away, like at the tv or computer and she immediately unlatches* and looks up at me while milk drips down her cheek and onto my lap. Then I look back down at her, ask her if her belly is full, she smiles and quickly latches back on. Rinse and repeat.

*Sometimes she doesn't actually unlatch, and it huuuuurts.

Your belly is not full yet lady! This is meal time, not play time!

If you read the last monthly letter, and you didn't die from the sappiness of it all, you know that I have a fat baby.

The last few weeks she has started asking for food other than breast milk and so I've started giving her tastes of a few mashed up veggies (she likes avacado the best). Other than that she has gained all her chub from the boob. I'm trying hard to spread her feedings out even more now, if it were up to her she'd eat, or snack, every hour (I totally don't let her, but some days I'd like to). I don't know why, but I really thought I'd have a skinny baby. She totally skipped past some outfits too. One day she was my little 0-3month sized baby and then BAM! she's pushing the limits of her 3-6month onsies, wearing 6-9month stuff and what the crap? who said you could grow up this fast!


Deeedra said...

haha...her breastfeeding game is so funny! Sorry it hurts sometimes though! Is she 4 months now? Mine were eating one solid food meal at four months already. Did you know that America is the only country to wait until 6 months to feed solids? Other countries start at 4! Mine did the hour snack thing at 4 months old too. WHen I started the once a day feedings, they stopped nursing so often.

lolly said...

I've made some food for her, but i'm not going to push it- i was going to wait for her to ask for it (which she has now) and neither of us like the smooth purees very much-- her poop is awesome now (not really)-