And she is sleeping right now

Somebody slept through the night! (not me!) I have read somewhere that "sleeping through the night" to a pediatrician means sleeping 12am-5am. HA!
I didn't want to jinx it so I haven't mentioned that Josephine has been sleeping better this last week, mostly waking up once or twice again instead of 589million times. Then last night she slept from 10pm-630am. I am not even kidding.
I know you think this is probably as exciting to read as a post about what color my socks are, but I had to document this momentous occasion. When Josephine decides to punch me in the face by waking up every hour tonight I can come back a read this and remember that anything is possible!
Of course when you are used to nursing at least once or twice in the night and the baby sleeps through those feeding times, you wake up anyway because your boobs are so swollen they are wedged against the ceiling making it difficult to sleep.

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Deeedra said...

I miss your smartass remarks about different things! I love the swollen boob comment!!! SO TRUE! And seriously...you're kicking ass if you really have a baby sleeping through the night already. You are so doing better than I am! Congrats! and I'll be praying it sticks for her (and you).