Only the third Tuesday and I'm already sinking

So here's the deal: My sister Martha eats what I cook for her, my dad eats what I cook as long as there's little to no wheat, my sister Sarah has only been here a little over a week so far but will eat what I cook, and my mom is so picky that she very rarely eats dinner with us.

This last week my dad was out of town, Sarah was busy visiting all of her friends she hasn't seen all school year, Martha has been busy preparing for the end of her high school career, and I was house/dog sitting for a few days.

What I'm saying is, I haven't invested much time in the kitchen this past week.

I have made several batches of the granola bars though.





Bacon/sunflower seed

Also, you HAVE to let them cool completely in the fridge before cutting them up.

Tonight for dinner I plan on making some stuffed chicken, because there is chicken in the fridge that needs to be cooked.

And some potato pancakes, because YUM!

My mom had a birthday and she's a big pirate fan so I decorated her cake to look like a treasure map of our property and put a red X where her presents were hidden. Aaaand I didn't take a picture of it. Aaaaand the cat got into it the next day. It was covered with plastic wrap on the counter and when I looked at it I wondered who had been punching the cake. I know it wasn't that pretty, but come on! Turns out it was cat foot prints.

My sister had a birthday too but she opted for a Cold Stone cake instead of a "Rachel cake"...I don't blame her.

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