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  • Yesterday was my youngest sister's high school graduation.

  • Babies don't care for loud auditoriums very much.

  • The family that sat in front of me (the 2 min I got to sit in there before Josephine freaked the eff out) had obviously been drinking, smoking, and splashing on cologne to cover up the stank.

  • Outside the auditorium was a veritable nursery, so many babies.

  • When the ceremony was over about a million people slammed into me and my previously calm baby freaked the eff out again.

  • I didn't get one apology or "excuse me".

  • When I'm in a big crowd or a loud environment I freak the eff out.

  • I held it together as long as I could, but cried as I walked to the car at the end of the night.

My dad and I took a frillion picures of her in an attempt to get one good enough to send out with her graduation announcements. In 99% of them she was making a face, or had her eyes closed, or wasn't looking. This is the one she picked, (I took it! I'm the winner!) isn't she pretty?
She totally has a boyfriend now, but he isn't attending the same college as her in the fall sooooo...


Sara W. said...

So should we be feeling old yet? The baby is finally graduating! I can't believe how pretty she is! Wow....yeah this is making me feel a little old....

ps- jose is soooooo adorable!

lolly said...

I KNOW! Yes, you should feel old now...and think how our parents feel!

Deeedra said...

Sorry the ceremony was so crazy for you! Love your sarcasm dear! And the pic is hot. She looks great! Nice job!

And why the hell do you live so far away? I'm kinda freaking out about doing Stef's wedding next Saturday!!!! Still hoping I'll be surprised and see you and the babe there!

Patti W. said...

Congratulations to MM!

Love seeing the pics and reading about Josephine!

Miss you all very much.