neat stuff Thrusday!

So, I saw this first thing a while back and bookmarked it with the intention of sharing it with you all. Then a friend posted it on her blog and I was all Whaaaaaa? Get out of my head, mind reading sorceress!


Since that idea was hijacked from my brain I'll come up with a second thing to share:

A story about a child that doesn't sleep. Suddenly Josephine's sleep regressions seem like a breeze.

Finally, a picture that I have saved on my computer, but I don't remember where I found it.


Deeedra said...

Ok...so I may have beat you to the punch, but it reminded me of YOU!!! It's a tribute lady! :)

kelly jo said...

Hold on a minute. . .New Kids on the Block reunion????!!!?? Awesome. I love those guys.