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Movies I've seen lately:
I am Legend -I liked it, I like Will Smith, the ending was eh.
No Country for Old Men -I didn't think it was bad, but I don't see why it was nominated for best picture and all that hooplah.

I think Josephine might be starting to teethe. She gets cranky pretty fast lately and has started waking up at night again. She did this over Easter weekend too though, so she may just go back to being her cheery self again any day now. I need to schedule a dentist appointment for her too.
Yeah I know, she doesn't have any teeth yet but our insurance covers preventative dental checkups so there's no reason not to take advantage of that!

I'm house/dog sitting again for the next week. I stayed there when I was pregnant and being so uncomfortable made it a little challenging. Now having a baby with me is the challenge. Josephine didn't sleep well there last time.

Last weekend my parents, Josephine, and I went to cheer on a local marathon and I kinda seriously want to run it next year...but I didn't want to tell you because there is a good chance I'll chicken out. So there's that.

Did you celebrate Israel turning 60? I did! We went down to Salt Lake City to celebrate with Congregation Kol Ami. We ate falafel, listened to a Russian choir, and sang Happy Birthday. Okay we didn't do that last part. We had to cut the day short though, because some very responsible young ladies remembered that they had several hours worth of homework they hadn't started, as well as boyfriend hanging out time to catch up on.

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