tuesday cake

My mom decided that Josephine needs to have a cake for every month until she is one, at least. The only kind of cake that I really like is pound cake and she just happened to make pound cake at one month and I have made sure it's been pound cake ever since.

May is busy, my first mother's day, my sister's birthday, both parents' birthdays, (and tomorrow my other sister is graduating high school) so there have been lots of cakes. My dad, whose birthday was the same day as Josephine's 5 month, always has strawberry pie so I decorated a pound cake just because I wanted to decorate something.

Are you asleep yet? Gosh I can be so boring sometimes.

Anyway, here is the cake I decorated for fun:

No those are not turds, they are logs! Pretty awful picture, trust me the real thing was much cuter...still pretty cheesy though. The flames were made of some left over fondant and there were supposed to be marshmallow coals but someone ate all the marshmallows...someone who might be getting a bag of marshmallows for a graduation present.

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