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I haven't read the whole book yet, but here is a part I'd like to share with you from The Heart of Christianity - Marcus J. Borg

Born Again: Why We Need This

Why do we need to be born again? Why do we need to die to an old way of being and an old identity and be born into a new way of being and a new identity- into a life centered in God, in the Spirit, in Christ? The reason is because of something that happens in us very early in life and then is intensified by the process of growing up.
She was the firstborn and the only child in her family, but now her mother was pregnant again, and the little girl was very excited about having a new brother or sister. Within a few hours of the parents bringing a new baby boy home from the hospital, the girl made a request: she wanted to be alone with her new brother in his room with the door shut. Her insistence about being alone with the baby with the door shut bade her parents a bit uneasy, but then they remembered that they had installed an intercom system in anticipation of the baby’s arrival, so they realized they could let their daughter do this, and if they heard the slightest indication that anything strange was happening, they could be in the baby’s room in an instant.
So they let the little girl go into the baby’s room, shut the door, and raced to the intercom listening station. They heard their daughter’s footsteps moving across the baby’s room, imagined her standing over the baby’s crib, and then they heard her saying to her three-day-old brother, “Tell me about God—I’ve almost forgotten.”

He goes on about self-awareness, maturity, seperating from God and a whole lot that I shouldn't try to summerize here lest you think this book to be as simple and superficial as this blog.

This is one of the most worderful things I could read as a mother. I read it when I was pregnant and then again as I had to type it here and I will admit each time was a very different experience than the other. It was a nice, profound even, exerpt when I was pregnant, but now that I can read this and then look into Josephine's eyes...there are no words.

Here is someone with something to say however. This is how she says good morning.

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