hello spring! how about a nap!

So, this 4 month sleep regression. Kicking. My. Ass.

I'm about as tired as the first few weeks home with Josephine, but it seems worse because since we've been home almost four months everyone expects that I have things down to a slick routine now. I should be able to take care of errands etc like What baby?
Some babies stop napping, some babies stop sleeping through the night, some babies (my baby!) just give up sleep alltogether. She isn't extra fussy or tired acting, but I sure as hell am missing the breaks her naps used to give me.
I am so glad I read about sleep regressions before Josephine was born. Otherwise I might be thingking that I had done something wrong, that I messed up my baby!
In other news->
I saw on msnbc Friday, that St Cloud, MN was still getting some serious snow. That's where I was just last year. Last night I turned the A/C on in the house. I'm wearing shorts today. I got a sunburn this weekend doing yard work.

Yesterday was my brother's birthday. My sister and I made him a cake.

Here I'm setting up to make a bow. Because I am a control freak in the kitchen I only let Martha make the red dots and dye the bow green.

Now the final product:

(I probably shouldn't have bragged about the warm weather...it's snowing now.)
I plan on making more cakes, it was fun. Sometimes I catch Ace of Cakes on TV. Man, I wish I could decorate at that level...
Anyway, I was eating the pieces of cake that I had to shave off and thinking about how the last several years I've declared I dislike all things cake, when really I've never taken a bite of cake and thought, "yuck". I think that the fact I could easily pass on cake no matter how hungry I was, combined with my legitimate dislike for all things frosting, led to my, uh, lying about not liking cake. Truth is, I cannot resist a good chunk of plain cake and a glass of milk. I lie in bed waiting for Josephine to be in a deep enough sleep that I can get up and get a piece, a glass, and further postpone my return to my pre-pregnancy weight.
Now I'm sure you're thinking "Didn't she say she had a baby that never sleeps? How did she get this whole post typed out? With pictures even!"
Well I say to you, I typed 90% of this with one hand while I nursed the little party animal. (The other 10% was typed out while she was actually asleep for about 5 min.)

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Deeedra said...

Isn't it amazing what do find time to accomplish in the midst of motherhood? Seriously, It's a miracle we can operate on such little sleep. Just a few minutes ago I found myself catching a five minute nap while nursing Abram and the kids were playing with toys. She'll start sleeping like a pro again in no time and you'll be back to feeling like your old self.

Gorgeous cake! Love it. I have yet to do fondant. How did you like the taste of the cake with the fondant? Did you make the fondant or buy prepackaged? I've only done the prepackaged and frankly didn't like it. But it looks SOOO awesome. Anyway, great job on it!