Due to uncontrollable circumstances*, this household is currently in possession of more eggs than we know what to do with. Soooooo, does anyone have any suggestions for a meal that requires lots of eggs? Also, we have too much milk but at least I can freeze some of it. Should I freeze some eggs to see what happens? what happens? nothing exciting, I imagine.
If we knew who egged our house/car we could exact revenge. But we don't.
Off to make deviled eggs! and omelets! and quiche!

*Uncontrollable curcumstances are that I didn't see we had a gallon of milk and 18 eggs in the garage fridge so I went and got 2 more gallons of milk and another dozen eggs... but I also got garlic! and juice! how about I just type out my shopping list for you! interesting post! too many exclamation marks!


Deeedra said...

hysterical. How about egg bake? That's like 12 eggs for one meal. You could dye easter eggs just for the hell of it. Or even hide some in an unsuspecting teachers room...who knows.

lolly said...

ok at first I was like "huh? a teacher's room? i'm not in school right now" but oh yeah, i remember now...