checking in

I've been starting posts for days now. I have lots of stories, anecdotes, lists and letters. I also have a daughter that has begun her 4 month sleep regression. Like A Champ.

So I'll just bore you with my day and I'll hopefully have some fun stuff to say later, like maybe in June.

-- Ahhhh! Sunshine! Finally a warm day after days of rain/snow/hail/blaaaahhh. Let's go to the Pow Wow at the college down the street, ceremonies at noon.
Uuuhhh no signs...are we in the right building? right day? let's go home. bummer.
Yard work! Got a sunburn! Went to get ice cream at a place I'd never been before, and will never be going back. Ew.
Went back to college campus and found the Pow Wow in time for 6:00 ceremonies. Super great show. Leave when Josephine really needs to eat and take a nap. No one can nap with all those drums.
Dinner. yum.
Set out to walk the dog and see the house and the car in the driveway have been egged. Awesome. Well I do have a sister in high school.
Josephine. Wont. Sleep.
ok, now she's asleep.

remind me to tell you why I don't like my sister's school.
and how Josephine hates Buca di Beppo.
and about some more of the yummy food i've been cooking.
and that other thing.

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